Welcome to The 21st Century Elegance!

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

My dear beautiful & elegant friends, I am glad to finally welcome you to my blog!

And what can you expect from it?

Various topics and tips in the field of etiquette, good manners, elegant behavior, classical style, ways to handle different life situations, but also real stories, situations and interesting facts about various inspiring and famous people from the field of art, royal families, acting and the like.

I decided to divide the blog into four main categories , which you can find in Home menu, or to make it more clearer for you. And what can you find in these sections? In:

  • Etiquette, you will find: etiquette tips; various situations that require knowledge of the etiquette; articles about good manners; most common etiquette mistakes; diplomacy etiquette; real stories from the field of etiquette; behavior in formal and informal settings (what to say, what to do, ....); dress codes and more topics like these

  • Elegant tips, you will find: ways of behaving and dressing that will make you more elegant, feminine and chic; more about classic style; make-up tips; ways to handle different life situations and obstacles in life in the most elegant way and topics like these

  • Inspiring people, you will find stories and interesting facts about actors, movies, classical fiction characters, artists, musicians, writers and books; inspirational stories and more topics like these

I wish you a pleasant reading, I hope you will like it and always remember:


Your Nikola

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