The Art of Not Listening To Opinions of Others

If I'd ask you a simple questions: "Are you stressed out, underwhelmed by life? Do you feel like you are not living your life the fullest?" and I would also ask you WHY? There will be a big chance that between your answers there will be also the one that you listen to opinions of others. You are afraid that you family or friends will judge you. They are so important for you and you don't want to destroy your relationship, so you are controlled by their opinions and what they believe is the best for you.

You have no control over what people think. And that's fine.

Everyone has some opinion. As a young adult, you might try your hardest to fit in. To feel loved and accepted. But what if this feeling to be loved and accepted makes you feel so bad about yourself, makes you forget about your dreams. What can you do? How can you stop listen to those voices? Those opinions?

STEP 1) Stop following people on social media who don't contribute to your life

Unfollow people who aren't inspiring you for the better. Who make you feel self-conscious and are not contributing anything in your life but self-doubt and low self-esteem. It would be great for you to follow accounts with inspirational and motivational stories or quotes or some accounts characterised by positive talk. You can't control your family and friends, but you can control your social media channels to reflect your dreams and goals in life.

Remember: Everyone judges. Even you.

STEP 2) Realize that some people don't really think or care about

People are concerned with their own lives. They think about themselves. Especially the ones you don't know. This might sound super hard, but it's true. Also some people in your circle don't really care. They are quick to share an opinion without even thinking about it. You follow that opinion and it is actually not right for you! And if that person had to make the decision for their own life, they would probably do it differently anyway. Realize, that those who care are still NOT YOU.

They don't really know what you like or want. For example your parents. They have their own ideas for you. They have their own opinion about what is good for you. BUT they don't have your dreams, experiences and goals.

A wise man once said: "When you are 20, you're obsessed with what others think of you. When you are 40, you don't care what others think of you. When you are 60, you realize they weren't thinking of you at all."

STEP 3) Ask yourself: Why should someone else know better than me?

We all have so much informations coming at us from social media, people, news, everywhere. Our opinions and ideas are formed by our own experiences. So what does it mean? It means that your opinion is different to mine because we live a different life. Before you listen to someone else: Experience everything yourself! Then you can really know.

STEP 4) Put yourself in their shoes

Are they really try to help you or their opinion comes from their negative experience or the opinions of others? Sometimes people put in us their fears, their negative experiences. Be careful!

You are not capable of making everyone happy. So make happy at least one person - YOU.

So from now - why you don't listen to people's opinions?


  • You are not going to change to please anyone!

  • You are not going to sacrifice your beliefs!

  • You don't take everything to heart.

  • You are different and you love it!

  • You are learning to love every part of yourself!

  • You can't make everyone happy.

  • You were born to not be the same.

  • You want to be happy.

  • You are going to take chances.

  • People are going to judge no matter what.

  • People's opinions or thoughts of you don't pay your bills.

  • Your life is your life.

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