Thank you note Etiquette

1) Keep multiple gift-givers straight

If you are writing thank you notes for an event, you likely have multiple gift-givers to thank. Make sure you keep track of all your gifts and thank the correct person. Have a trusted friend, family member, or partner make a list as you open each gift. List the person's first and last name with a detailed description of the gift they gave you.

2) Be Specific

When writing thank you cards, thank your giver specifically for what they gave your and how you're looking forward to using the gift. If someone gave you cash or check, saying thank you for the "generous gift" is appropriate and specific enough.

If you receive china, you might say: "Thank you so much for the beautiful china set. We can't wait to use them when we host dinner parties and eat out favorite meals."

3) Be Timely

Following a major event, you have approximately two months to send out thank you cards. If you receive a stand-alone gift, you should send a thank you card as soon as possible. Letting someone know over a text or email that you received their gift is a good idea. Follow it up with a handwritten thank you card within a few weeks.

4) Don't send a thank you for a thank you

If someone sends you a thank you card or flowers thanking you for something you did, there's no need to send a thank you card. A simple text, email or in-person thank you for the beautiful flowers is sufficient. Otherwise, you risk the chance of getting caught in a game of never-ending thank-you-tag.

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