Surprising rules of royal family

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Let's talk about some royal etiquette, because being part of the British royal family isn’t all just fun and travel. In fact, there are some pretty strict etiquette guidelines and traditions. Here are some of them.

They aren´t allowed to say certain words

It turns out the British royal family´s speech mannerisms go deeper than just good grooming and etiquette. There are actual rules that the royal family memberss must follow when speaking - and there are perfectly normal words they´re never ever allowed to say. Some terms are considered too improper to be spoken by royalty or they are off limits because of their French origins.

Here are some of them: toilet, tea, pardon, couch, perfume, posh, dessert, mum and dad.

They can´t eat after the Queen has finished eating

Anyone dining together with the Queen, including members of the royal family, must keep this simple rule: they always have to follow Her Majesty´s every move and do what she does. So if she stops eating, everyone else at the table must also stop. If they don´t, servers will be around quickly to clear things away. Her Majesty can actually give everyone a hint a few minutes before she stops eating: she puts her purse on the table.

They can´t sit with their legs crossed

The royals can´t just sit however they feel most comfortable. Both royal men, and especially women, never cross their legs. Crossing their ankles is fine, but they have to keep their legs to the side is also acceptable, and the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, has made it her signature position. Keeping her ankles together and her legs to the side doesn´t only make her look graceful and royal, but also makes her legs look longer.

They always have to pack some black

When members of the royal family travel, they have to be prepared for anything including something quite morbid. All members are required when traveling abroad to pack an all-black outfit in someone else in the family passes away and they are forced to go into official mourning.

They can´t eat shellfish

This is more of a precaution than an actual rule. Some royals, including the Queen, choose not to eat shellfish or rare red meat to avoid allergic reactions or food poisoning. Others, like Prince Charles, will gladly slurp an oyster. And, you should never expect even a hint of garlic on the royal table. The Queen reportedly can´t stand it. Starch isn´t exactly her favorite, either, so potatoes, rice and pasta aren´t served at royal receptions. They are more likely to have grilled fish with vegetables and salad.

They can´t wear fur

It was declared by Edward III way back in the 12th century that no one, including the royal family, could wear fur. Centuries later, saying no to fur has become a way to stop cruelty against animals. In 2000, all fur farms were officially forbidden in the UK. In any case, this rule seems to have been forgotten, since some royals, and even the Queen, have been caught sporting their furs.

They can´t travel long distances together

It´s not advised that members of the royal family, specifically those in the line of succession, travel together. This is because of potential dangers involved and the ramifications if more than one royal heir were to perish at the same time.

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